We advocate for a better retirement outcome for all Australians.

AIST supports and works toward a superannuation system that is universal in its coverage of Australians, provides adequate retirement income for all, and is designed to promote fairness.  We support measures designed to reduce gaps in retirement savings due to gender and disadvantage, in particular for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples.

AIST recognises that Australia’s superannuation system based on compulsory employer contributions, the Superannuation Guarantee (SG), was intended to cover the entire workforce.  We continue to advocate for an increase in the SG to 12% as soon as possible.  We support and encourage further participation to those uncovered presently, including those in the workforce who do not benefit such as the self-employed and the low paid.

AIST recognises that while retirement expectations and perceptions of an adequate retirement income are varied, the need for fairness is great and must be reflected both at a personal level, as well as at a macroeconomic level.  AIST continues to advocate for improved system governance, sustainability, adequacy and efficiency.

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