We strive for enhanced skills, knowledge and capabilities of the superannuation industry

AIST seeks to improve the skills, knowledge and capabilities of the superannuation industry. In addition to providing a comprehensive program of education and professional development, AIST is committed to ensuring that members can expect the very best out of trustees and superannuation professionals.

Development and acquisition of new knowledge and competencies is a strategic and resource-efficient framework for growth of the superannuation industry. AIST supports a clear outline of educational and professional requirements for professionals across the industry, underpinned by the support of education providers and trustees as employers.

Where education imparts existing knowledge, research unearths new knowledge. AIST’s comprehensive research framework seeks to provide an evidence-basis for AIST’s policy platform as well as information designed to ensure that AIST members are able to bring the benefits of new research to members in a timely fashion. 

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