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AIST Trustee Lifetime Achievement Award


Elana Rubin (FAIST) was awarded the inaugural AIST Trustee Lifetime Achievement Award on 27 March 2014 during AIST's Conference of Major Super Funds. Elana recently retired as the chair of AustralianSuper after more than 20 years as a trustee director of industry super funds. The Award recognises the contribution of trustee directors to Australia's $1.8 billion superannuation industry. 

Elana Rubin became involved in superannuation in 1992 when she was appointed by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) to the Board of HESTA. She was subsequently appointed to the Board of ARF in 1992 and was a Trustee Director of Unisuper (and its predecessor fund TESS) from 2000 to 2006.

While at the ACTU, Elana was responsible for incorporating the SGC into awards and extending the coverage of super, including to part time workers.

She was a director and then Chair of DAF, triggering her continuing interest in infrastructure and private equity. Similarly, her appointment to the Board of ISPT led to her ongoing interest in property. Other directorships on behalf of the ARF and/or the ACTU included Super Member Home Loans and several private equity funds.

She was the first secretary of AIST in 1993 and a member of the ASFA Board from 1997 to 2001.

In 1997, Elana joined ARF as its first investment officer, while continuing on as a Trustee Director. During her time as Executive Director - Investments, ARF grew to $10bn, introduced a member investment choice programme and won the inaugural Fund of the Year Award.

With the merger of ARF & STA in 2006, Elana become deputy Chair of the newly formed AustralianSuper and then Chair of the Fund in 2007 until her retirement in 2013. At the time of her retirement, AustralianSuper had over 2 million members and $65bn in assets.

Elana was committed to ensuring AustralianSuper retained its strong member focus and philosophy, strong service delivery, superior investment performance and desire for innovation. Elana has been a strong advocate of compulsory super and Industry Funds in general.