AIST’s SuperStarter is an introductory course, designed for people who have recently entered the superannuation industry. No previous knowledge or experience is required to attend this course.

A straightforward and interactive one-day workshop, SuperStarter will provide all the essentials needed to kick off your super career. SuperStarter will help you to make sense of the jargon, acronyms and complexity that is typical of the super industry. It will provide an overview of the history and mechanics of superannuation to help you to be more effective in your role.

Topics will include:

Module 1 - Introduction to superannuation

  • The purpose of superannuation
  • The government's retirement incomes policy
  • Structure and nature of superannuation funds
  • Types of funds and benefits
  • Choice of fund legislation
  • Industry regulation
  • Trustee duties

Module 2 - Contributions to superannuation funds

  • Concessional and non-concessional contributions
  • Superannuation Guarantee (SG)
  • Other types of contributions
  • Government co-contribution
  • Contribution caps
  • Tax file numbers (TFNs)

Module 3 - Investment

  • Different asset classes
  • Key investment terms and concepts
  • Crediting rates and unitisation
  • Managed and direct investments
  • Investment restrictions
  • Member investment choice

Module 4 - Withdrawal of superannuation benefits

  • Preservation rules
  • Conditions of release
  • Family law and superannuation
  • Lost and inactive members
  • Retirement income streams
  • Trustee involvement in benefit payments
  • Documentation
  • Unclaimed benefits
  • Taxation of benefits
  • Transition to retirement

Module 5 - Insurance

  • Group life insurance
  • The underwriting process
  • Insurance for total and permanent disability
  • Income protection/salary continuance insurance



Who should register?

AIST’s SuperStarter course will benefit people in the following key positions and support roles, whether working in an administrator, a service provider, a superannuation fund or associated union.

  • Administration
  • Customer service representatives
  • New managers and team leaders
  • Union representatives
  • Member of superannuation funds
  • Accounting / investment officers
  • Human resources
  • Marketing and communications
  • Information technology
  • Payroll
  • Business analysts and project officers
  • Reception and office management


In order to be found competent in your course you will be required to successfully complete the end of module assessment questions. Successful completion of SuperStarter requires demonstration of comprehension of the material covered.

Delivery methodFacilitated
CPD Hours6 hours

Member $810.00 $890.00
Non-Member $990.00 $1090.00
*Register 14 days before course date

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2017 Dates

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