Conference of Major Superannuation Funds

AIST Supports

CMSF Speaker and chair donations

Each speaker and chair will be thanked for their contribution with a donation to First Nations Foundation on their behalf.

First Nations Foundation is a not for profit organisation with a passion for building a better financial future for First Australians. They achieve this by improving financial inclusion for Indigenous Australians, training in financial literacy and assisting the financial services sector to enhance their products.

Despite more than 25 years of compulsory superannuation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have poorer superannuation outcomes than non- Indigenous Australians – including significantly lower balances at retirement.

AIST is supporting the First Nations Foundation in line with its commitment to reconciliation and our mission to provide a better retirement outcome for all Australians.

These donations will support the Big Koori Super Days Out – Indigenous community events to help first Australians find their lost super, consolidate accounts, and become educated about the benefits that super offers.

Watch how the work we are doing with First Nations Foundation is making a difference to First Australians.

For more information about First Nations Foundation or to make a donation please visit - 

Charity golf day donations

All net profits raised from the CMSF Charity Golf Day will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).

The NBCF is Australia's only national not-for-profit foundation established to promote and support research into every aspect of breast cancer. The purpose of the NBCF is to: support and promote excellent research into breast cancer, facilitate consumer participation in all aspects of our work, act as an advocate for breast cancer research and to provide opportunities for all Australians to contribute to breast cancer research. Visit NBCF for more information.

PCFA is the national body for prostate cancer in Australia. The PCFA plays a vital role in the fight against prostate cancer and devotes all of its resources towards reducing the impact of prostate cancer on the community. Visit PCFA for more information.