Conference of Major Superannuation Funds


Inside CMSF19

Join us as we talk to CMSF’s guest speakers about the key issues driving superfunds into tomorrow.

Episode 1: Innovation in funds

Shah, Samir
Guest: Samir Shah
Global Head of Digital Advisory,
J.P. Morgan (USA)

Podcast Host: Eva Scheerlinck

In our first episode of conversations from the 2019 Conference of Major Superannuation Funds (CMSF), AIST CEO Eva Scheerlinck sits down with J.P. Morgan’s Samir Shah to discuss how funds can transform their services and enhance member experiences.

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Duration: 14:17 mins

Episode 2: Getting culture right

Shundrawn Thomas
Guest: Shundrawn a. Thomas
Northern Trust Asset Management (USA)

Podcast Host: Eva Scheerlinck

Northern Trust President, Shundrawn Thomas was at CMSF to talk on one of the key themes for the conference: culture. More specifically, how do you drive a successful culture? Shundrawn chats with AIST CEO, Eva Scheerlinck about one of this year’s biggest topics in Australia’s financial system.

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Duration: 11:29 mins

Episode 3: Global and Australian markets outlook

Auld, Dr Sally
Guest: Dr Sally Auld
Chief Economist and the Head of Fixed Income
and FX Strategy for Australia and NZ
J.P. Morgan

Podcast Host: Jeff Wallins
Education & Training Consultant, AIST

Dr Sally Auld sits down with AIST Education and Training Coordinator Jeff Wallens to chat all things markets and trade: Key influences on Australian markets; Geopolitics from Brexit to China trade moves; and how close are we to a recession?

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Duration: 17:23 mins

Episode 4: Artificial intelligence, robotics and the future of work

Walsh, Toby
Guest: Toby Walsh
Professor of Artificial Intelligence,
University of New South Wales

Podcast Host: Jeff Wallins
Education & Training Consultant, AIST

There is a lot of hype surrounding AI, so to help us dispel some of the misinformation, we talk with AI expert Toby Walsh to get an understanding of how AI will be shaping superannuation into the future.

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Duration: 15:15 mins

Episode 5: Retirement, it's all about the members

Utkus, Steve
Guest: Steve Utkus
Principal, Centre for Investor Research, Vanguard (USA)

Podcast Host: Ailsa Goodwin
Head of Advocacy, AIST

Historically, super funds have focussed their services on the accumulation phase, but there is a big need for the industry to put more thought into what they offer members who are in the retirement phase. Vanguard’s Steve Utkus sits down with AIST Head of Advocacy, Ailsa Goodwin to talk about the challenges of the retirement phase for funds.

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Duration: 11:13 mins

Episode 6: Workers capital, it's all about the members

Beeferman, Larry
Guest: Larry Beeferman
Fellow, Labor and Worklife Program, Harvard Law School (USA)

Podcast Host: Jeff Wallens
Education & Training Consultant

Fresh off the stage at CMSF 2019, Larry Beeferman sits down with AIST’s Jeff Wallens to give his take on trust law in Australia. He has one simple message for trustees: listen to members to help guide you.

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Duration: 15:32 mins