Conference of Major Superannuation Funds


Inside CMSF 2017

Each year, the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) holds its flagship conference, CMSF. The 2017 event was held from 22 – 24 March and delivered a strategic discussion on the key issues driving super funds into tomorrow: strategy, investment, governance and technology.

Join two friends of AIST, journalists Ellen Fanning and Andrew Dawson, as they chat with some of the key speakers in this 7 part series for an insight into some of the themes that delegates were exposed to.

Episode 1: No place like home – the fourth pillar in retirement

Saul EslakeGuest: Saul Eslake
University of Tasmania

Podcast Host: Ellen Fanning

Straight off the back of his media-grabbing session at CMSF, Saul Eslake gives listeners a snapshot of his findings from a special report commissioned by AIST on housing affordability and retirement outcomes.

  • What policies should the government back away from and what should they implement to assist Australians with home ownership?
  • Why transport and housing policy should be considered together, not in isolation
  • Home ownership and superannuation adequacy

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Duration: 12:01 mins

Episode 2: What does the largest labour movement in the world look like today?

Damon Silvers
Guest: Damon A. Silvers
American Federation of Labor -
Congress of Industrial Organizations

Join Damon A. Silvers from the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) as he explores the pressures that are being faced by the working class and unions under the changing dynamic of a Trump presidency.

  • How Trump has rallied the working class
  • Why the current US climate isn’t a ‘boom time’ for unions
  • The future of American unions and collective action

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Duration: 19:02 mins

Episode 3: Trump, Brexit and emerging markets

Sonal Desai
Guest: Sonal Desai (Ph.D.)
Franklin Templeton Investments

Johanna Kyrklund
Guest: Johanna Kyrklund

Sally Auld
Guest: Dr Sally Auld
J.P. Morgan

Join Ellen Fanning as she goes around the world with our panel of investment experts who will dissect the political and investment issues facing institutional investors today. This interview begins with Sonal Desai from Franklin Templeton on US markets.

  • Trump’s impact on US economics and the ripples coming for Australian superannuation funds 
  • Implications of Brexit on the UK and it’s potential to destabilise the rest of Europe
  • Risks and opportunities in China and emerging markets for 2017 and beyond

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Duration: 16:39 mins

Episode 4: The age of the connected member

Paul Berney
Guest: Paul Berney

Paul Berney of mobile digital agency, mCordis, provides fresh insights into the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly connected world.

  • Are funds at risk of ‘over connecting’ with their members?
  • The three key questions to ask when uncovering your member’s retirement aspirations
  • How to maximise one of the longest brand relationship a consumer will have

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Duration: 14:49 mins

Episode 5: Are you prepared to transform your business?

Patrick Van der Pijl
Patrick van der Pijl 
Business Models Inc.

Benjie Fraser
Benjie Fraser

In today’s rapidly changing environment, funds need to be confident that their business has the right structure and services to meet the needs of their members. Hear from global pension expert Benjie Fraser and business transformation guru Patrick van der Pijl who will focus on:

  • Challenges, consideration and benefits of transformation
  • Why using design makes sense for organisations looking to transform 
  • Transformation insights from the Dutch Pension sector

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Duration: 15:16 mins

Episode 6: What’s next for the profit-to-member funds?

Garry Weaven
Garry Weaven
IFM Investors, Industry Super Holdings and The New Daily

Are profit-to-member funds doing enough to harness the power of the collective and their unique culture?  Industry stalwart, Garry Weaven discusses the opportunities for profit-to-member funds to build on their rich history and leverage their unique collective spirit.

  • The importance of modern collectivism
  • The threats and opportunities for the profit-to-member super sector
  • Why funds need to reimagine retirement

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Duration: 14:48 mins

Episode 7: Driverless cars - just an excuse to do something else while driving?

Jonathan RobertsGuest:
Professor Jonathan Roberts
Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 

Professor Jonathan Roberts gives us his take on the revolutionary and perhaps unexpected ways consumers will use driverless cars once they become commonplace.

  • Who is responsible when ‘behind the wheel’ of a driverless car?
  • What problems will driverless cars solve, or create?
  • The future of car ownership, ride sharing, vehicle manufacturing and traffic lights

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Duration: 16:56 mins