About AIST

AIST Strategic Plan: shaping profit-to-member super

AIST operates on a three-year strategic plan. Our 2017-19 strategic plan provides a clear framework of the areas of focus for AIST and areas of value to our members.

This framework will guide the business via the development of projects and KPIs for both teams and individuals which ultimately link back to our overarching purpose statement ‘to support, advocate for and lead profit-to-member superannuation funds.’

Why do we exist?

To deliver a better retirement future by leading, supporting and advocating for profit-to-member superannuation funds.

Who do we serve?

Our members are the trustee directors and staff of the profit-to-member superannuation funds – industry, corporate and government – who employ a representative governance model.

What do we do?

AIST has four strategic areas of focus: